4th Plaque at Plantation House

We have planned for the second plaque to come up at the Mecca of tea -Plantation House. This iconic building was built in the 1930's and financed by visionaries like J J Bunting who wanted all plantation companies to operate from a single building in The City. Plantation House thus came to be ,and was the 2nd largest office block. It was so large that there were 4 main streets on each side.  Plantation House was also where all the tea auctions took place and this was on 3 days of the week.  The building housed tea plantation companies, the brokers, the shipping companies and even allied industries like sugar , timber and rubber. Plantation House is remembered by old timers as being the most elegant building in the City. It's warm atmosphere built up several business relationships & friendships amongst the tea people working in this iconic building. It will be always remembered as the Mecca of Tea.